Jeffery Steven Stone secures six-figure bridge investment on behalf of Florida public holding company

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A New York City capital procurement specialist has secured a six-figure bridge investment for Fort Lauderdale-based company Cardiff Lexington Corporation. (OTCQB:CDIX)

Cardiff Lexington Corporation acquires or merges with middle market companies, providing the option of an infusion of equity or the ability to exit equity from within the company itself. The corporation’s focus is neither industry or location dependent but is instead opportunity oriented. Emphasis is placed on proven management, market, and margin. Securing a $145,000 bridge investment, New York City-based Jeffery Steven Stone, a Managing Partner at Eurasian Capital, LLC., is full of praise for Cardiff Lexington Corp.

“Cardiff Lexington Corp. targets the acquisition of mature, high growth, niche companies,” explains Stone, a 30 year Wall St. veteran. “Established management maintains complete operational control, and as such, their acquisitions become what they call ‘standalone autonomous subsidiaries’ which gain the advantages of a public company but without losing operational independence,” he points out.

For investors, the corporation’s goal is to provide a lower risk, diversified platform on which to safely enhance and protect investments by continually adding assets and holdings. “By employing a merge, acquire, and hold strategy,” Stone explains, “the corporation expects to maximize the value and potential of private, often family-run enterprises, while providing diversification and risk mitigation for shareholders.”

Cardiff Lexington Corporation’s portfolio is comprised of predominantly niche, high growth businesses. “They all have great management in place and are in identifiable markets which they’ve penetrated through one or more significant advantages,” adds Stone.

Cardiff Lexington Corporation, under CEO Alex H. Cunningham, is led by a strong and skilled roster of executives and advisers, according to the capital procurement specialist. “These executives and advisers boast expert acquisition knowledge, management experience, and market guidance know-how,” Stone explains.

“This enables them,” he adds, wrapping up, “to deliver added value for both their subsidiaries and their investors.”

Jeffery Steven Stone is a Managing Partner at New York City-based Eurasian Capital, LLC., responsible for trading the firm’s proprietary capital. Further to overseeing the organization’s selection analysis and daily investment affairs, principal activities entail utilizing a platform of hedging strategies. These include quantitative-driven swing trading, covered call writing, and pair trading activity. Stone also oversaw and secured finance for the development of the firm’s proprietary algorithmic trading software, entailing detailed mathematical modeling, operational research, probability theory, and numerical analysis.

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