Month: March 2019

Jeffery Steven Stone, Jeffery Stone

Jeffery Steven Stone responds to imminent Precision BioSciences, Inc. IPO deal

Jeffery Steven Stone of Eurasian Capital addresses IPO announcement from genome editing company Precision BioSciences, Inc. A genome editing company which develops therapeutic products in the United States, Precision BioSciences, Inc. offers a genome editing platform designed and intended to cure cancers and genetic disorders, in addition to a further segment which develops food and […]

Jeffery Steven Stone

Jeffery Steven Stone reacts to impending IPO deal afforded by world-famous Levi Strauss & Co.

Jeffery Steven Stone

Wall Street’s Jeffery Steven Stone addresses IPO announcement from iconic apparel retailer Levi Strauss & Co. San Francisco, California-based Levi Strauss & Co. (NYSE: LEVI) is an established, globally-recognized apparel retail industry business within the consumer discretionary sector. Capital procurement specialist Jeffery Steven Stone reveals more about this week’s slated IPO deal from the world-famous apparel company […]

Jeffery Steven Stone

Jeffery Steven Stone addresses announcement of UP Fintech Holding Ltd IPO offering

Wall Street veteran Jeffery Steven Stone addresses IPO Sydicate Calendar for Week of 3.18 2019 announcement from leading online brokerage firm UP Fintech Holding Ltd. A leading online brokerage firm focused on global Chinese investors, UP Fintech Holding Ltd (NASDAQ: TIGR) is the world’s largest such broker focused on this market in terms of U.S. securities trading […]